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We are starting a simple networking tool to help find studios or individuals connect fasting and easier.

Contact us to get in the network, we'll send you a simple form and request an optional cover photo.

The form asks for information such as Links and socials, Basic info about you or your organization and what you specialize in.

Contact us

We have been connecting with local studios and indie filmmakers since 2018. Gerlach Studios is establishing a Film, production and distribution studio.

We love helping others take their brilliant ideas or stories and bring them to life.

What are you working on? It never hurts to reach out with any questions you may have. 

We are not like other filmmakers. (flips hair)


We like to think outside the box in everything, have an idea? Shoot your shot.

Thanks for submitting!


We are on a long journey to develop a distribution system for Indie filmmakers and the alike.

At the moment, you can contact us and we'll send you a form to fill out as well as request links to your film(s).

At the moment, we do not obtain your film other than the right to display an embedded version of your film on our site. This way you get all the veiws and interactions and we get more regular visitors to the site. Meaning anyone else that shared there films with us will get the exposure as well. and the cycle continues.

As we grow, we'll keep evolving and hopefully start hosting festivals. At the core, we want you to get more for your film.

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