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Gerlach Studios

We have the Solution!

We are always strengthening our skills and abilities, whether its through our passion projects or hired commercial work.

When you share your project with us, its all hands on deck to make the best content and stretch the limits to what we can achieve. You will be surprised what the power of Film can do.



We work case by case to ensure your brand is unique and POPS!

Vlogger Equipment


We love helping local Studios in any way we can. Read more to see what we have to offer.

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Aerial View of a Houses


Trying to make your house or business stand out to get the best offer?

We can help!

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Purple Crowd

Special Events

Big day coming up?

Let us help capture the moment so it will never be forgotten.

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There's not much we don't do. Need us to help run a VFX, DP, Gaffer's, Location scouting team?

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